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  Infosys Campus Connect
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Infosys Campus Connect

Campus Connect - (industry-academia collaboration program) - launched by Infosys Technologies Ltd. in May 2004, is a unique academia-industry initiative to align engineering student competencies with industry needs and thus increase the employability of these engineers. Teaching staff are trained by Infosys through Faculty Enablement Program (FEP). Students undergo Foundation Program (FP) training through these trained faculty members and is very useful for CSE students to brush up their skills. Infosys shares with academia its mature technology training methods, courseware, student project samples and other such learning resources that have been developed, perfected and practiced.

Benefits of the programme


First and foremost, the college has been able to enhance the ‘employability’ of the students. Next, the students will have better exposure to industry requirements and practices. The college management is able to attract better students and faculty to the college because of its association with industry.


The college will pass on the benefits received from Infosys to the involved persons including faculty as per the college norms. The faculty involved will be provided with industry oriented artefacts for the respective courseware that they would be offering. This includes case-studies, prototype projects and similar teaching aids. In addition to this, faculty may be sponsored for sabbaticals at Infosys, for duration of two-three months in one of the Infosys’ centres in mutually agreed areas. Faculty could also benefit through sponsorships for research papers.


The main benefit to the student is enhancing employability and increasing the industry readiness for the IT industry. Outstanding performance in the Infosys screening examination will also make such students eligible for early association with real-life projects, if applicable, and other special opportunities.

  STEP (Student Enhancement Programme)
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STudent Enhancement Program (STEP)

Student Enhancement Program (STEP) being implemented at partnering colleges by EnhanceEdu, IIIT Hyderabad to empower students in IT Skills and to get them ready for the IT industry.


Screening test will be conducted as part of the orientation to only those students who exhibit intent to learn IT skills and qualified students list is declared on the day of screening test.


Upon completion of the course the faculty trainees from IIIT,they go back to their colleges to implement CIT program to the students in suggested models . Coordinators team from IIIT-H, along with an administrative team of the participating college is made responsible for monitoring the execution of this program among the students.


 Professional Bodies

  IEEE Student Chapter
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IEEE is the world’s largest technical society, bringing members access to the industry’s most essential technical information, peer-to-peer networking opportunities, career development tools, and many other exclusive benefits.

Knowledge – staying current with the fast-changing world of technology

IEEE.tv – Internet television offering exclusive, members-only technical programming

IEEE Spectrum Magazine – 12 monthly issues (print) and online edition

The Institute Newsletter – 12 monthly issues (4 print, 8 online)

IEEE Potentials Magazine – research an innovation from students

IEEE Xplore – search and abstract access to 1.2-million documents

Profession – advancing members’ careers, and the opportunity to give back to society

IEEE Mentoring Connection – online matching of members for professional guidance and counseling

IEEE Job Site – locate career opportunities easily and confidentially

Career Alert – a weekly e-mail newsletter containing career advice plus a featured job of the week

Consultants Database – a service available for matching technical consultants with clients

Career Navigator – portal into career and professional development resources

Continuing Education Partners Program – up to a 10% discount on online degree programs

Today’s Engineer – monthly webzine devoted to the issues affecting IEEE members’ careers

Here are some of the main benefit of joining IEEE:


IEEE Spectrum Magazine

The Institute Newsletter

IEEE Potentials Magazine

IEEE Xplore Digital Library

Community Benefits

Network with over 365, 000 Members

Regional activities

Up to 50% off on IEEE products


IEEE Job Site



Today's Engineer eMagazine

Continuing Education Partners Program


For the Academic Year 2018-19

IEEE Student Chapter Counselor: DR.M.KAMARAJU-Professor & Mentor (AS&A)

Faculty Coordinator:Sri B.R.B.JASWANTH - Assistant Professor

Chair Person:Mr.G.Sai Kumar(16485A0444):IV Year(ECE)

Vice-Chair Person:Ms B.Kavyanjali(16481A04A1):III Year(ECE)

Secretary:Mr.P.Mohith Krishna(16481A0291):III Year(EEE)

Treasurer:Ms.D.Sai Sameera(15481A0448):IV Year(ECE)

Members:Mr.P.Gopala Krishna(16481A0290):III Year(EEE)

Mr.T.Raviteja(16481A02B0):III Year(EEE)

Mr. Y.Yaswanth (16481A02B5) : III Year (EEE)

Ms. M.Harika (16481A0270) : III Year (EEE)

Ms. B.Prasanna (16485A0426) : IV Year (ECE)

Ms. K.Sai Ramya (16485A0418) : IV Year (ECE)

 IE Student Chapter
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IEI is in the Service of Engineering Profession and Engineering Community since 1920

The Institution of Engineers (India) was registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1913 in the year 1920 with a motive to promote and advance the science, practice and business of engineering in all its branches in India. Starting with this humble beginning, The Institution of Engineers (India) is now a unique professional body encompassing 15 engineering disciplines and with an overall membership of over 0.5 million.

The Institution of Engineers (India) functions with and amongst the professional engineers, academicians and research workers and provides a vast array of technical, professional and supporting services to the government and the industries along with the academic and engineering communities

The Student Chapter is constituted for initiating and imbibing the feeling of belongingness into fraternity of engineering to which the students of engineering are destined. The Students Chapters may provide a learned workshop/clinic for the development of socio-techno intellectual qualities of the members as well as for encouraging their urge and surge for knowledge in a disciplined and guided system.

IE Members for 2017-2018 Academic Year:

Chief Advisor:Dr.V.V.K.D.V.Prasad-Professor & HoD of ECE Department

Faculty Advisor :Mr.P.Ravi Sankar - Asst.Professor

President :Mr.K.Suryanarayana(14481A04A6):IV Year

Vice-president:Mr.K.V.SubbaNaidu(15481A04B1):III Year

Secretary :Mr.T.Pradeep(15481A04M4):III Year

Joint Secretary:Mr.K.D.Srinivas(15481A04A1):III Year

Treasurer :Ms.M.Sridevi(16481A04F1):II Year

Members:Mr.A.Vamsi(16481A0414):II Year

Mr.T.S.K.Sai Dheeraj(15481A04M2):II Year

Mr.V.Ashok(14481A04L6):IV Year

Mr.R.Rajesh(16481A0407):II Year

Mr.G.Rohith Kumar(15481A0474):III Year

IE Activities in 2017-18 Academic Year:

* A Guest Lecture on "Indian Remote Sensing Satellites Data Reception&Processing" was conducted on 09-09-2017

* A Three day workshop on "Frontend Applications" was organized during 19th–22nd October 2018

IE Activities in 2016-17 Academic Year:

* A one day workshop on "BLOGGING" is held on 15thOctober 2016

* A Guest Lecture on "Multirate Signal Processing" is conducted on 21st September 2016

* A one day workshop on "Intelligent world connected together: Internet of Things" is organized on 6th September 2016

* A Guest Lecture on "VLSI   Signal Processing -A View" is conducted on 24th August 2016

* A Guest Lecture on "Skill Development for young Engineers to reform the core-sector" is conducted on 15th September 2016

* A five day workshop on "VERILOG Programming:Hands on experience" is organized on 3rd–7th August 2016

IE Activities in 2015-16 Academic Year:

* A three day workshop on "Swarm Intelligence Techniques-Applications to Signal Processing,Communications and Instrumentation" is held during 5th–7th February 2016

* A three day training program on "Advanced Telecom Technologies" is conducted during 11th-13th January 2016

* A Guest Lecture on "Memory Design Techniques" is organized during 8th January 2016

* A one day workshop on "ZED board and Vivado" is organized during 5th January 2016.

* A Two day National level workshop on "Emerging Technology:Internet of Things (IoT)" is held on 21st-22nd September 2015

* A Guest Lecture on "ALIEN VISION" is conducted on account of 45thEngineers Day Celebrations on 15th September 2015

 IETE Students Form (ISF)
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Objectives: The IETE Students Forum shall be set up at each major recognized Engineering College / University, with the assistance and involvement of senior faculty members of the Institution. The IETE Centre in the region shall provide support and coordination in the establishment and the working of the forum.

  • To plan and organize technical programs and activities, such as, special lectures, workshops, seminars, symposia, exhibitions etc for the benefit of student members on a regular basis

  • To provide a common platform for the student members to exchange ideas and information on the topics of their interest e.g. curriculum, employment / higher educational opportunities, emerging trends, new development etc

  • To facilitate technical visits/practical training/project work/employment of the student members in R&D laboratories,industries, academic institutions etc

  • To encourage team work and the spirit of self-reliance among the student members

  • To serve as a focal point at the institution on all aspects of professional development of the student members

  • IE Members for 2016-2017 Academic Year:

    Chief Advisor:Dr.M.KAMARAJU- Professor & HoD of ECE Department

    Faculty Advisor :Mr.N.SAMBA MURTHY-Asst.Professor

    President :Mr.Sai Rama Koundinya Adiraju:IV Year

    Vice-president:Ms.V.Bhavana:III Year

    Secretary:Mr.S.Gopi Chand:III Year

    Members:Ms.L.Kavya:III Year

    Mr.M.Sri SaiTeja:III Year

    Mr.S.Sai Kishore:II Year

    Mr.T.Pradeep:II Year

    Mr.T.SaiChakradhar:II Year

    Mr.R.Rohith:II Year

    IETE Activities in 2016-17 Academic Year:

    A seminar on "Curriculum Design:Introduction to cognitive Internet of Things" is conducted on 3rdAugust 2016

    IETE Activities in 2015-16 Academic Year:

    A Two day workshop on "Image processing applications using MATLAB" is organized on 12th-13thOctober 2015.

    A Technical presentation event "Sparkle" is conducted on 7thOctober 2015

    A Seminar on "Power Management Techniques" is conducted on 8thSeptember 2015

Number of Students Registered in 2015-16:46


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